The INTERREG programmes aim to improve the effectiveness of regional policies and instruments within Europe. It promotes international cooperation and exchange of know-how between partners engaged in the making and delivery of policies and actions for regional and local development.

Cliff has worked as an external expert on a number of INTERREG  projects.

  • TENTacle – Capitalising on TEN-T Core Network Corridors for Prosperity, Groth and Cohesion (Baltic Sea Region, INTERREG V Transport Flagship project 2016-19). The project aims increase stakeholder awareness of the potential benefits from the TEN-T network corridors, and address gaps in the network. Cliff has worked on the Central Scandinavian Borderland case study and also contributed work on China’s Belt and Road strategy. (
  • Trans-in-Form (Baltic Sea Region, INTERREG 1V B), 2010-2012. . The project sought to “make places vibrant and aractive”. The partners were mainly small rural municipalities form peripheral regions. Cliff facilitated workshops in Trakai, Potsdam, Valmiera and Warsaw and gave presentations. He undertook the final evaluation of the project. He also authored the Guidelines for New Narratives and Story Telling ( ).     
  • Complex Urban Investment Tools – CoUrbIT (Central European, Adriatic, Danubian, and South East European Space, INTERREG IIIB), 2008. Workshop presentation in Krakow. 
  • Sustaining Small Expanding Towns – SusSET (INTERREG IIIC), 2007. Cliff worked with Christabel Myers to review and report on project outputs in relation to international research and practice.
  • Multi-functional Intensive Land use in Europe – MILU-NET (INTERREG IIIC), 2007.  Workshop presentation in Lisbon.
  • Innovation Circle – IC (Baltic Sea Region, INTERREG III B / TACIS), 2005-2007. . The project sought to stimulate a culture of innovation and trigger long term development in rural districts and smaller and medium sized towns in the Baltic Sea Region. It led to the formation of the Innovation Circle Network ( Cliff was involved in the design of the project. He co-authored with Christabel Myers distance learning packs for the Innovation Academy on Innovation, Competitiveness and Spatial Development; Changing the Culture of Governance;  and Sustainability, Design and Innovation; and (with Christabel Myers, Vernena Hachmann and Marilyn Higgins) on Management for Innovative Projects. He also facilitated workshops in Cesis, Robertsfors, and Suwalki, and a follow-up workshop in Murmansk (under the TACIS programme) in June 2007.
  • Participation, Identity, Planning and Entrepreneurship – PIPE (INTERREG IIIB/PHARE), 2004. The project ran 2002-2004, and aimed to involve youth from small towns and rural regions in entrepreneurship and planning in their local area. Cliff was involved as a speaker in workshops in Turi and Ulricehamn, and wrote the evaluation report for the project. 
  • Quality by Identity: Beyond Traditional Spatial and Economic Development – NOORD XXI (North Sea INTERREG IIC) 1999-2001. While at Heriot-Watt University, Cliff worked on this project, mainly analysing strategic planning approaches in Aberdeenshire, East Lothian, Groningen Province and Vastra Gotoland Region.


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